Barn Doors

Get the latest in door trends by choosing from one of many barn door options.

Barn doors allow you the flexibility to enhance an entire room with a unique accent piece, while also adding

more functionality to your space. From master suites to pantries, barn doors allow you to customize your space.

From Rustic to Modern

Woodgrain Doors’ Barn Door Collection is the perfect fit for
modern, contemporary, and rustic applications. Built upon our
superior quality craftsmanship, each barn door features either
a 3/4” panel design to highlight the definition and elegance of
the v-groove, or the 3/8” flat panel shaker design. The mulls
in each layout are full thickness and engineered to meet flush
with the stiles and rails to provide a unique combination of
beauty, strength and durability. Truly customize your barn
door with NEW options of decorative glass in select models
to make a statement.


Sales sheet: Barn Doors 2020