Why Woodgrain Doors!

There are a number of different types of doors to choose from, but not all doors are created equally. It’s important to understand the different door materials in the market place and what each type offers.

Door types and the PROS and CONS of each type.

Cost: the range in cost between the different door types can be quite large, a lot of this is due to the materials and the features each door types offer. Hollow-core doors being the cheapest options on the market but offering the least and fiberglass being the most expensive.

Paint: Most doors can be painted but depending on the material of the door it could cause the paint to chip and peel in a short period of time. Certain types of doors are easier to paint and will last longer. Wood and MDF doors are great for painted doors.

Eco-Friendly: Hallow core, solid wood, and MDF doors are all eco-friendly door options made from wood or wood by-products. They are typically sustainably manufactured and can be easily recycled. That is not the case for fiberglass or metal doors.

Rust-resistant: Metal doors can rust and decay over time, especially in areas by the ocean with exposure to salt. Hollow-core, fiberglass, MDF and solid wood door will not rust.

Durability: this is one of the most important features to a door, you want something that will last the wear and tear of life. Hollow core doors are the least durable of the group with fiberglass better but can break down over time. MDF router carved and solid wood doors are manufactured to last a lifetime. Metal doors are typically the strongest do to its dense material used in the door.

Security: Not all dors are created equal and when it comes to security each type of door veris in security and

Dent & Scratch resistant: Fiberglass and solid wood doors offer the best protection from dents and scratches. Hollow core doors are the most vonrable to dents and scratches and typically result in holes in the door. Metal doors tend to scratch relatively easily and MDF can sometimes become vonrable to dents with hard use to the product.

Stainablity: Not all doors can be stained to get the custom look you are wanting. Solid wood is the easiest door type to stain to get a quality look and feel. Hallow core, metal and MDF can not be stained at all.

Sound Blocking: doors can be a major tool to help cut down on noise between rooms. Solid wood and MDF doors are the best when it comes to sounds blocking and cutting down on noise. Hollow core doors are the most vulnerable to noise passing through the door.

Customizable: Solid wood and MDF doors are very customizable from door design, wood typer and layout. Its easy to get the exact look you want from a solid wood or MDF door. Hallow core, fiberglass and metal doors only allow for color of the door to be changed.