Dutch Doors

Our Dutch Door collections pays homage to the novel and practical split Dutch door style. The Dutch door designs allow the user to open the top of the door to allow light, air and the outside elements fill a room without having to open the entire door. The bottom half of the door can stay closed to allow privacy and ground, dust, and dirt to enter your home. Along with being super practical, the architectural design is elegant and completes the look of any room.


We offer a large selection of Dutch door styles that are designed and manufactured to be cut in half. All Woodgrain doors are shipped as a full slab, however, we do not ship the door pre-cut. The door shop or door hanger would make the needed cuts to finish the Dutch door functionality. There are a number of different cuts that would achieve the look each individual can determine what works best for their needs.

Woodgrain Dutch Door offering is perfect for a number of looks and uses.

  • Dynamic curb appeal –Dutch doors are distinct, the functionality and playfulness of the design is sure to make an impact.

  • On Trend –Dutch doors are as hot as ever and will make an instant impact to your home instantly.

  • Make an impact –Use a Dutch door to change the look of any room.

  • Gate alternative – Use a Dutch door with a playroom as a baby gate alternative, or for the laundry room as a pet gate.

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