Your Woodgrain door has been handcrafted to last for years to come.

But, like any fine piece of furniture, its finish will require periodic maintenance

to keep it looking great and provide proper protection against the elements.


Regular finish maintenance is also a requirement of the warranty that is included with every

Woodgrain door.


Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate it is time for maintenance:

  • Hairline cracks in the top coat of finish.

  • Changes in the color of the finish.

  • Changes in the texture of the finish, such as flaking or scaling.

  • Dullness or chalkiness in the finish.



If you live in a severe climate or your entry receives a lot of direct sunlight from a southern or western exposure, you will want to examine your door’s finish often. Depending on these conditions, you may also need to refinish the door more frequently.